Jul 22, 2014

Gaza is under fire, while Arab regimes are 'fighting' each other

Israel prefers Egyptian mediation to accomplish the truce in Gaza Strip, since the Egyptian government shares Israelis with hostility toward Hamas, but Palestinian resistance --including Hamas-- rejected the proposed Israeli-Egyptian truce, because it completely adopts Israeli demands . Meanwhile, Qatari and Turkish governments have suggested another truce's draft carries some of Palestinian demands. The Qatari-Turkish suggestion triggers anger of Egyptian government, which keeps the 'coldest' relations with Qatar after ousting former Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi. And the diplomatic Egyptian-Turkish relation has been frozen, because the Turkish government did not recognize the new Egyptian regime and considered it 'military coup'.

Israeli analysts -- as I keep observing Israeli media-- outweigh that Israel will adhere to Egyptian proposed truce for two reasons: firstly, it totally contains Israeli conditions. Secondly, to increase tension between Qatar and Egypt; consequently, to weaken the formal Arab stance toward Gaza.

In a Reuter's report : "The main protagonists are Arab heavyweight Egypt and the tiny Gulf state of Qatar, on opposite sides of a regional standoff over Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, and its ideological patron the Muslim Brotherhood"... "Egyptian officials suspect Qatar encouraged Hamas to reject a ceasefire plan Cairo put forward last week to try to end an Israeli assault that has now killed more than 500 Palestinians as well as 18 Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians."

Eventually, battle's results will determine the nature of truce. Apparently, current Egyptian-Israeli proposed truce will not be taken since the Israeli ground invasion failed to stop launching rockets nor to undermine Palestinian resistance.

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The CNN Lies

This is how the CNN twist facts. The real story is 7 Israeli soldiers were killed in the battlefield today, while more than 100 Palestinian civilians were killed in the last 24 hours (including 24 victims within the last 2 hours). CNN reverse the story as Main Stream Media usually do.

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Jul 20, 2014

BREAKING | Israeli soldier arrested in battle field, Hamas declared

Shaul Aaron, Israeli soldier has been captured in Gaza, Al-Qassam's spokesperson announced in a televised speech.

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Massacres have become : 'telegenically' dead Palestinians

After Israeli Massacres against Palestinians shocked the public opinion world widely, Israeli officials claim that Hamas wants 'telegenically dead Palestinians' as Netanyahu said.

Israeli propaganda machine failed to distort the real story in Palestine, not only due to horrible massacres, but also due high-performance of Palestinian resistance's media. Israel is interfering Satellite transmission of Hamas-affiliated TV channel and launched massive 'report spam' against Al-qassam's (Hamas's military wing) Twitter account, thereafter Twitter banned that account.

Israeli tweep offers advice to "IDF spokesperson" to change "ineffective strategy", retweeted  by @Tracy
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