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Nov 1, 2014

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Local Editor | 
Muslim's third holiest mosque will be undermined in any moment by Zionists. This is not secret or one of conspiracy theories as many of Jewish Zionists publically declare that, and the pretext is to 'rebuild' the 'Solomon's Temple'.
Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
Yesterday, Israel closed Al-Aqsa mosque compound and prevented Muslim worshipers from entering the mosque, after Palestinian youth stabbed extremist rabbi who calls to undermine Al-Aqsa mosque and to 'rebuild' Jewish Solomon's temple instead.
Zionists are working day-and-night to undermine the mosque.
In 1969, a Jewish Zionist immigrant (he came from Australia) burned the mosque, but there was no official response although the former Israeli PM Golda Meir expected tough response by the Arab and Muslim governments.

Now a days, the world's public attention is paid to ISIS and local economic issues, and this is, in fact, an opportunity for Zionist psychos to proceed their Talmudic beliefs; and replacing al-Aqsa mosque with 'Solomon's temple' is just one of their dreams.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict consumed thousands of innocent victims, and I believe Al-aqsa mosque is not as precious as an innocent victim, except from historic and religious aspects.

Religious war may or may not happen any way. However, Muslim sectarian violence has just begun.

The Palestinian and Lebanese resistance are the only hope for Palestinians to face the Zionist comprehensive colonialism (including Judaization of Palestine). Meanwhile, the Arab and Muslim governments have too much to do in the Syrian or Iraqi or Kashmir bloody conflicts.

Oct 31, 2014

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Chart: Petroleum and natural gas production (U.S, Russia and Saudi Arabia)
Source: Luis Manuel's blog

Posted on Oct 31, 2014 , 7:38 PM | Tags :
The weather was beautiful and inspiring today, so I took this photo. This is one of my favorite views. I hope you will like it too.

Oct 30, 2014

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Today Sweden has officially recognized the State of Palestine.
Margot Wallstorm - Sweden's FM. (via Euronews)

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 , 7:28 PM | Tags : , , ,
The rapid and violent rise of the Islamic State, or ISIS, has sparked growing calls for deeper U.S. involvement in the arming and training of rebel forces in Syria.
The trouble is, such efforts might now always work as advertised.

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported on a still-classified internal CIA review — commissioned during the Obama administration’s deliberations over its Syria policy — that concluded that many past attempts by the agency to arm foreign forces have had little effect on the long-term outcome of the conflict. As the Times reported, “They were even less effective … when the militias fought without any direct American support on the ground.”

Although the Times analysis did not detail specific examples from the CIA report, several of the agency’s failed attempts at foreign intervention are widely known.

As recently as 2006, for example, a covert effort to finance secular warlords in Somalia was criticized for leading to the resurgence of Islamic militias in the country. The policy reached a low point that year when Islamist militias broke the warlords’ hold on the capital of Mogadishu. In time, the insurgency would give way to the even more hardline group Al-Shabab, which eight years later, remains the principal threat in war-torn Somalia.

Source: PBS.org

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Globalization continually creates imbalances that fuel a perpetual instability that gradually impoverishes every sector other than global capital.

Globalization has two guaranteed consequences: permanent instability and endless boom-and-bust cycles. As noted in Forget "Free Trade"--Focus on Capital Flows, the key engine of globalization is mobile capital: capital that can borrow money for next to nothing in one nation and then move that capital to other nations where yields are higher and opportunities for exploitation riper.

This mobility of capital is an enormous benefit to the owners of the capital, but it creates extraordinary instability for those who are not as mobile. When mobile capital encounters anything that reduces profits--higher taxes and rising labor costs, competition or restrictive regulations--it closes factories and fires its workers in that locale and shifts to another locale with greater opportunities for high returns.

The workers left behind have limited means to replace the lost wages, and the local government often has few resources to repair any damage left by the exploitation of resources. The advantage of mobility is reserved for capital, and to the relatively limited cohort of workers who can immigrate to other nations to find work.

Source: Blacklisted News
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