Nov 19, 2012

Three martyrs in the West Bank till now

The Israeli occupation forces killed 3 Palestinians in the West Bank till now during unarmed and anger demonstrations against the Israeli war on Gaza Strip.

Martyrs' Profile:

Martyr: Hamdi Al-Fallah (al-Rabe'a radio)
  • Hamdi Mohammad Jawad Al-Fallah, 22 year old, from Hebron was shot four times during clashes in the Bir al-Mahjar neighborhood in western Hebron. 

Martyr: Rushdi al-Tamimi  immediately after being shot (Exclusive)
  • Rushdi Mahmoud Hassan al-Tamimi, 28 year old, was hit by live fire in the stomach and thigh during a Gaza solidarity demonstration in Nabi Saleh, on Saturday and passed away today in Palestine Medical Complex, Ramallah.
Martyr: Ahmad Najeeb
  • Ahmad Najeeb, 20-MONTHS-OLD, was died after being suffocated due to firing Gas canisters into the house. He is from Qalandya refugee camp, near Ramallah.

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